Saturday, June 7, 2008

If Its Not A Recession Why Is It So Difficult To Pay The Expenses

Forgive me for taking two months off, but my frustration level with my financial situation reached new heights. Its during those periods, when I go "off the wagon," that I get into lots of trouble. The good news is I didn't go out and spend lots of money. I did get the LASIK surgery so that's made a dent in my repayment plan. I also took a small vacation to Kauai, Hawaii, but thanks to generous parent of a friend and a flight certificate from United for a botched trip in December I only spent about $500.

So it looks like I've got a fresh start or at least that's what I'm focusing on to counter the frustration factor. During my two month hiatus I've been checking into green alternatives to everyday living. I'm most interested in those things that save money which includes trying to eliminate prepared foods and cooking more from scratch. I also remember an article I read some time ago that discussed the cost of clutter. In an effort to cut costs I'm evaluating all the things I own. The first step was to donate an old mattress, box springs, and frame to a local non-profit that gives household items to low income families getting back on their feet either because of leaving everything behind in a domestic abuse environment, getting a first apartment after living on the streets, or helping fire victims. To keep up momentum I took a few clothes to a consignment store. Tomorrow I'll be pulling things out for eBay and a yard sale. It's also time to start menu planning again. I've been guilty of living at restaurants lately and not shopping enough.

In reading through my blog roll I ran across a posting that introduced me to Its a website that addresses the problem of throwing away an average of 1/3 of all groceries purchased. That's a huge waste of money as well as resources. The site provides suggestions on stocking a pantry, refrigerator, and freezer. It then provides dining suggestions and has a great tool that suggests recipes when you click on foods that you need to use up before it goes bad.

Goals for June:
  • Hold garage sale
  • Pay off 401k loan
  • Catch up on expenses
  • Earn an extra $200 to snowflake