Saturday, December 1, 2007

November Goals in Review

The Reduce A Bill Challenge at Working for Financial Freedom comes to a close for a second month. I committed to 10 No Spend Days and upped the anti by limiting days I dine out to no more than 3 a week that I pay for. I made it for 11 no spend days but I only made the paying for meals out no more than 3 days a week for half the month. So I will chalk this goal up to successful, but at an 80% success rate. We will have to see if Working for Financial Freedom is up for another month of the Reduce A Bill Challenge. I think I will try a different bill if she does.

My personal goals included adding another $100 to the emergency fund. I paid off my Personal Line of Credit so I would check that one as a success and as soon as I receive payment for house sitting, I will be able to deposit that.

My second goal was to pay off the first of three credit cards. It was really close, but I did it and I can't tell you how happy I am for that. Now I get to switch focus to a more difficult card.

Finally, I sent off another $50 to my Roth IRA. Its a slow process, but I know that everyone is going to be selling off some stocks at the end of the year to take profits or losses for their taxes and I want to be in a position to buy some bargains if they are available.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Big Yeah! Two More Debts Down The Drain

I wrote the checks to pay off two debts today.

First, I paid off a Visa card that I've been working on since 1998. This was a bad case of paying a very small amount and watching the majority go towards interest. Somehow this card was a low priority because it was a low interest rate. The problem is that it never got paid off because there was always something of a higher priority. So I'm happy to announce I now have $50 per month to snowball towards another bill.

The other debt that I paid off also satisfies one of my November goals. I have paid off my step father which is a huge weight off of my shoulders. It wasn't a large debt, but I never feel good borrowing money from family.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Weekly Review

November is almost over. The turkey has been carved and we have completed another fantastic Thanksgiving weekend. I hope everyone had an opportunity to reflect on all we have to be thankful for. This marks the start of the shopping season for Christmas. Lets make a goal for the month to not go any further into debt.

Some of the articles that I've particularly enjoyed this week are:
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