Sunday, October 7, 2007

Holiday Season Challenge - Double Benefit Presents

One of the things I try to do is purchase presents that are double duty. I purchase presents that benefit charitable organizations. If I need to attend a fundraising event, I bid on items that are less popular and will make a good gift. My city has a few stores that benefit local organizations and people from third world countries. (Just for the record, if you consider this way of contributing back to the community, this is not an excuse to buy all of those things that are just going to become clutter.)


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with your post ... this is the time of year when all the churches and schools are having their Fall festivals. It's a great way to get out and enjoy the weather, socialize, pay it forward a bit, and work on the holiday shopping list.

Making Cents of Debt said...

Thanks for reading! Fall festivals are really a great way of getting back to a bit of simplicity aren't they? I love the tradition.