Sunday, March 2, 2008

If Writers Have Blocks Can Reformed Debtors Have Them Too?

I have been struggling big time. I have had back pain that has kept me from wanting to sit in front of a computer and there has been the creep and crud going around the office keeping everyone in bed.

Last weekend I got some help with my taxes. They were sent in on Monday and I'm happy to say that I am getting a small refund. Unlike a lot of people, I feel very unsuccessful if I get a big refund back because that means the government has had a loan from me that they don't have to pay me interest on. My plan for my refund is to pay down my highest interest rate credit card. I'll be adding my kicker check to that same debt repayment.

This weekend, I've been looking around my apartment thinking that I really could get rid of a lot of things and be very happy. I have been going through the stress that most people trying to get out of debt go through. I feel really frustrated with my situation and am really working on not loosing focus. I have my LASIK surgury scheduled for April 2nd, but the added expense is stressing me out. So why don't I wait? Honestly, I've put it off for three years already and I may reschedule it, but I'm really trying not to.

Weekend earnings:
I made $3 from taking back pop cans which I promptly spent on kitty litter. Something I really needed.

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