Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Month In Review - Goals

Week Goal

  • Limit my meals out to $25 including lunches and nights out (I was lucky to be taken out quite a bit this week, so I only spent $11 for the week.)
  • Sort through and find three items to sell on ebay (I'm working on earning Christmas money.) (Still not successful, but I did sell a DVD.)
  • Send $50 to Roth IRA (Done!)
  • Earn and snowflake $25 from "other" projects including taking back pop cans, selling on ebay, focus group, or selling back books (I made an effort, but only made $6.50. I'll keep working at this one.)
Goals for September:
  • Pay back my stepfather for that emergency loan in June. ($600) He’s allowing me to paint a portion of his house to help pay it off. They may not be charging me interest, but I’m going to feel a lot better nixing that debt quickly. So far I have repaid $180. (I didn't get anywhere on this one, except paying $20 for an oil change on his car. That levels the debt to $200 paid and $400 owing.)
  • Put $100 into my emergency fund and get that puppy started. (Okay, I confess that my plan is to pay off my Line of Credit that is attached to my checking account as part of my emergency fund. I’ll kill two birds with one stone.) ($200 paid on my Line of Credit.)
  • Cut my meals out to twice a week and no more than $25 per week. (This is an area that needs a lot of improvement. I was successful for one week out of the month.)

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