Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sick Days

I've been out sick from work for two days. Add to that the two days I was stuck with sniffles at home over the weekend and you have a person going stir crazy. So what do you do when you can't go back to work yet, but can't stand sleeping for one more minute? Take advantage of the quiet time and organize.

If you've been following The Simple Dollar's One Hour Projects, today's posting is a wrap up of all of Trent's excellent ideas for taking control of finances.

Other ideas:
  • Write a To Do list ~ Catch up on all of those items you've been putting off
  • Fine tune your budget ~ When is the last time you checked the numbers
  • Write that letter ~ Do you have a complaint or compliment letter that you've been putting off?
  • Call your credit card companies ~ Ask about lowering your interest rates
  • Call your insurance company ~ Do you have enough insurance, too much insurance, or just the right amount?
  • File that box of paperwork that's piling up ~ You know you have one
  • Shred that paperwork that you don't need to save ~ You don't really need to keep statements from more than seven years ago unless its business or tax related
  • Write you menu for the week ~ It helps keep the grocery bill down

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