Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weekly Round Up

Reviewing my goals I set for the week, I realized that I am moving in the right direction, but I still need to improve on my follow through. To recap, my goals were:
  • Limit my meals out to $25 including lunches and nights out (Closer, but I still spent $45 on meals. $20 more than my budget.)
  • Sort through and find three items to sell on ebay (I'm working on earning Christmas money.) (Okay, that was a no-go.)
  • Send $50 to Roth IRA (Strike two.)
  • Earn and snowflake $25 from "other" projects including taking back pop cans, selling on ebay, focus group, or selling back books (Strike three. Not a successful week.)

Going into the next week, I am going to use the same goals as last week. I no longer have the excuse of dealing with my car, but I will also need to sit down with a serious to-do list to complete all of the tasks.

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