Monday, October 29, 2007

Gas Prices Hit A New High... Again?!?

Its the topic nobody wants to talk about and yet we can't avoid it. Gas prices are going up again. We complain and yet our prices are still no where near Europe's or other countries around the world. Europe has the benefit of already having the culture of walking everywhere or taking a scooter. In the US and Canada, however, we are much more spread out in most of the country and while the bigger cities have great transit systems, even more lack pedestrian friendly layouts.

In my quest to find new transportation, I have been revelling in the fact that it has only cost me $35 at the most to fill up my tank. I bought a Honda CR-V so I didn't think it would be that low, but anything would be less than my old car. Bessie would guzzle $45-50 every two weeks. OUCH! In my quest to find other ways to save gas, I found a website hosted by the US government, Check out this link for ideas on saving gas by adjusting your driving habits, tips on maintaining your car, and alternative means of transportation. Side benefit? Most of these tips help improve our effects on the environment too.


Mom of 3 said...

I noticed higher gas prices today when I went out. I haven't been keeping track as much the last month or so because I've really reduced how much I've been driving.

I still remember paying .86 a gallon 10 years ago.

Making Cents of Debt said...

mom of 3 - Great job on gas reduction. Thats got to be nice on the budget. Oh .86 a gallon. I long for the days when we could fill a tank for a 10er. Then again, slimmer times call for smarter consumption. I know I've been carpooling and its made a difference.