Tuesday, October 30, 2007

October Goals In Review

Goals for October:
Pay back my stepfather for that emergency loan in June. There is $400 left. I have a $100 check for him that will make a dent. I also have a $200 check coming in from some contract work that will go to him as well. Its not the full $400, but its a good start.
Put $100 into my emergency fund. Thanks to the No Spend Day Challenge, I have that $100 to put towards this fund. That brings it to $300 in the fund.
Cut my meals out to twice a week and no more than $25 per week. Not a great month for this. I will need to work harder at this which includes reevaluating my menu planning and expanding choices to eliminate boredom. I am house sitting again this month so it also means planning for that time I'm not at home. Keep an eye out for an upcoming post on how many meals you can make from rotisserie chicken.
Pay off $300 debt. I am happy to say I put another debt to bed so count this one a success!

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