Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sorry for the Quiet Period

I just wrapped up one house sitting job today. That means I will get a large snowball for my debt in a couple of days. My no spend days have been going well and I should reach my goal well ahead of schedule. Finally, I have paid off another debt. I'm not counting it as a true accomplishment as its my line of credit attached to my checking account. The check to pay for my parking space has not cleared for two months so I decided I would transfer it to my line of credit until it gets straightened out.

My struggle lately has been whether or not I'm going home for Christmas. First, my dad's health is deteriorating and he's depressed so I know my trip home will help. Second, instead of the usual two days off for Christmas and New Years I will have four without taking vacation time, so I can schedule a longer vacation and only dip into a week's worth of vacation time. I won't have the same opportunity next year. The draw back... that's a decent chunk of change that could go towards debt. Decisions... decisions...


Anonymous said...

Glad your doing o.k.
And are back :)
I know going to see your family will take money that can go to your debt.
But as someone who lost my mom very suddenly, I say go see your Dad!
We just never know how long, we are going to have the people we love, in our lives!

Making Cents of Debt said...

Dawn - Thank you for reminding me about the big picture. I took your advice and agree with living in the here and now.