Sunday, December 2, 2007

Weekly Review

There have been a lot of interesting posts this week, but the following is a list of the ones that really stood out for me.

The Simple Dollar - Everything You Ever Really Needed To Know About Personal Finance On The Back Of Five Business Cards A good basic reminder on why I am on the path towards debt elimination.

Wise Bread - Grandpa's Penny, If You Never Spend It You'll Never Be Broke by Sarah Baughman Wisdom from generations before that we've forgotten along the way.

Mapgirl's Fiscal Challenge - Best Way To Use Up Medical FSA Funds
Its December and time to have a look at our benefits during open enrollment again. I read somewhere that only 4% of employees actually take advantage of the Medical FSA offered through their employers.

One Frugal Girl - Clutter Free Christmas Gifts A good reminder that in my quest to simplify my life and become debt free, I shouldn't burden others with clutter either.

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