Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekly Review

Wise Bread - How Haggling Taught Me About Life Haggling is an artform that most Americans have lost sight of. In many countries its considered an insult if you don't participate. What we don't realize is that successful haggling is a way to get ahead in both our careers and our personal lives.

Being Frugal - My Clutter Is Making Me Fat Maybe its the great desire for spring to arrive and maybe its going stir crazy from all of the holiday clutter, but the idea of purging clutter is heaven.
Mapgirl's Fiscal Challenge - Laser Eye Surgery: Summary of Costs and Other Thoughts I admit that I have my surgery scheduled and while this post may not be for everyone, I found it incredibly helpful.

The Simple Dollar - The Value of Investing in Yourself Before we build an investment portfolio, before we make any major purchases, the first investment we need to make is in ourselves.

Frugal For Life - Save Money with Organization I admit it. Alot of my debt was caused by poor organization which cost money in NSF fees, late charges and overlimit charges. When I feel myself slipping, I organize.

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Anonymous said...

Good Round up of links...
I also wanted to let you know I tagged you with a meme - the info is on my blog. It's a good one to build up links for your blog - you should check it out!