Thursday, September 4, 2008

September Goals

The journey to debt repayment isn't always an easy one. For me there have been many trips and stumbling blocks along the way, but my determination still stands. I look at the stock market and think, "Now is a great time to scoop up some of those bargains." I'm looking at the housing market and think, "If I hadn't gotten myself into this mess, I could be purchasing a home now." Its difficult to keep the enthusiasm up when you deprive yourself even if the goals in sight are what you really desire.

During this quiet period, I've picked up a second job to help pay down my debt quicker. While my determination to get on top of my debt is strong, I took a look at my spending lately and realized that I haven't gotten very far and its because I've been taking care of those things I put on the back burner. You may think you remember where your at in your plans, but it often takes a look at the hard copy to get the real picture. So, with that said...

My Goals for September ~
- Take parking down to $40 for the month (If I get reimbursed for it, that's even better.)
So far I've only driven once this month and my mom paid for it because I was her taxi.
- Take my lunch four times a week. Limit dining out to 1 lunch per week.
- Pay off 401k loan. I know, I know, BIG MISTAKE to take a loan out against your 401k!
- Create Christmas list so I can take advantage of sales over the next 3 months.
- Add $50 to Emergency Fund
- Add $50 to Roth IRA

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