Thursday, September 13, 2007

How Do You Prepare For Payday?

For those of you that are on the steep side of the early stages of getting out of debt, you are not alone. Thanks to the recent developments in the mortgage industry, there are probably a lot more joining our ranks.

Payday can been depressing those suffering from debt overload. Mostly because we discover they are spent before we ever see a cent. I have had a tradition of sitting down and methodically pulling out all of the bills I owe. Then I list them with their due dates, total amount owed, and minimum due. This has helped me to decide how I spend my paycheck. Not exactly the American Dream and definitely not the best answer to getting out of debt, only half of the equation is there. Planning is essential to any good project. In my quest to make the adjustments needed to reach my goal, I must also remember the lessons I have learned while following the challenges of other bloggers. Even the smallest Snowflakes will contribute to a Snowball. Make every dollar work for you. CYA with an emergency fund and no, the morning Starbuck's is not an emergency.

Personally, I need to stick to my original plan rather than updating it depending on the emergency. Luckily, I am paying off another bill at the end of this month and one more the next month. My enthusiasm needs to keep this momentum because after those two, I have to start tackling the big daddies.

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IPMco said...

Great Post. It's so true that every little bit helps build that snowball. Since i started reading your blog and following some of the other debt-y folks' blogs, I have started adjusting how I pay my debts. I have decided to start paying them immediately when I get paid instead of waiting for the due date. Two reasons that I now realize this is good:
1. I won't "accidentally" spend that money... thereby keeping on track to debt-free Living.
2. If those credit card companies use an average daily balance to figure interest/ finance charges... I'll save at least a few cents and that's a few snowflakes for my snowball! Whee!

I am so excited to be a part of a community of people supporting and encouraging eachother toward FREEDOM!!!!!!

I've even been inspired to start blogging myself. Keep an eye out for Explore Your Passions... Live Your Dreams!