Friday, September 14, 2007

Weekly Round Up

One step forward and two steps back...
This was not a good week for goals. I purchased a meal almost everyday this week. Not good because it affected my budget with a weekly total of $104 versus the $25 goal. The culprit? I didn't make a menu and I didn't buy food for lunches. I will add that to my weekend "to do" list and not give myself anymore excuses.

Goals for the week:
  • Limit my meals out to $25 including lunches and nights out
  • Sort through and find three items to sell on ebay (I'm working on earning Christmas money.)
  • Send $50 to Roth IRA
  • Earn and snowflake $25 from "other" projects including taking back popcans, selling on ebay, focus group, or selling back books

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