Sunday, September 16, 2007

How Not To Buy A Car

I have a big confession to make. Just when you think that you've got this personal finance thing down and are on the right path there comes a set back. I bought a car today. If you haven't read my past postings, let me fill you in. My car was totalled while she was parked in front of my apartment. She really needed to retire since she was really beginning to cost money at the mechanic and she likes to visit the gas station too. She's an '84 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, but she was my grandfather's car. Anyway, I digress...

I have wanted a Honda CRV for some time and bought a used one today. I've researched them, test drove them, and ran away from used car salesmen in the pursuit of the right one. (The car not the salesman.) I took my mother with me to test drive this one two hours away from home. I didn't negotiate at all and I haven't had a mechanic look at it. These last two are big no nos. Why you ask would I fail when I should know better? Honestly, because I found what I wanted and I knew that I got it for a fair price. It has lower mileage, is a few grand below blue book, has never been in an accident (yes, I checked Carfax), and is exactly what I decided I would pay for a car. The best part is that it was from a private party... no salesmen to fight with.

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