Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Job Interviews - The First Impression

Last night I went to the mall with a friend to find an interview suit. She has always impressed me with her ability to find a bargain, use coupons, and know how to double up on sale prices. As the person responsible for interviewing for my company, Nicole asked me to help her find the right suit for an upcoming interview. She is interviewing for a position with a government agency so she needs something that is on the conservative side, but she also needs to make an impression.

Rules for both Men and Women:
When purchasing business clothes, its smarter to invest a bit more money in something that is better quality and in classic pieces. Trendy pieces should be bought on sale.

Blue, black, and grey are the basic colors to start with and build from.

Don't be afraid to add an accent pop of color like red, yellow, or purple. For women accents can come in the form of blouses and shirts, scarves, and jewelry. Men should look for shirts, ties, and hankies for the jacket pocket. Socks and hosiery should not be an accent color for men or women. It's this pop of color that will help people remember you and help you stand out from others.

Shoes should be well kept and polished.

Above all you should be comfortable in your interview clothes. You should be able to move. They shouldn't be tight or bunch anywhere. Check shirts for puckering in the chest area. Undergarments should not be visible. Make sure everything is neatly pressed.

After you've put together an outfit, check your hands. Hands are a telltale sign of how a person takes care of themself outside of the conference room. Make sure your nails are filed and cuticles are neat. Make sure there is not dirt hiding under the nails. Manicures are great for both men and women. Women should pass on polish in bright colors and choose something a bit more neutral. At the least consider a clear coat. Men should finish with a nail buff.

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