Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weekly Review

This week's picks are a mixture of Learning the Basics, Remembering the Path, and Goals for the Future.

The Simple Dollar - Six Steps For a Beginning Stock Investor While most people are panicking in the stock market, the bargains are all over for the smart, long term investor.

Wise Bread - Eating Cheap While Abroad by Thursday Bram I must be on a roll because everywhere I look, I'm finding posts on travelling inexpensively.

I've Paid For This Twice Already - Developing a Snowflaking Mentality Taking smaller bites out of debt make debt repayment easier to stomach. This post helps to refocus after a season of spending.

Map Girl's Financial Challenge - Laser Eye Surgery In Detail Okay, I confess I have my appointment scheduled for the next month. I've been wanting to do this for the last few years and have set up my FSA to cover the expense.

Saving For A Home Of My Own - What Would You Do With Google Adsense If you haven't noticed, I've added Google's Adsense to my blog. I'd love to have your thoughts on the subject. In the meantime, Saving For A Home Of My Own is asking the question, "what would you do with an extra $100?"

1 comment:

Dawn said...

Hey... there is nothing wrong with earning a few bucks with Google Adsense... I say go for it!