Friday, January 25, 2008

Yeah! Its Friday!!

Some people look forward to the weekends. Others dread it. The perspective changes if you are up to your eyeballs in debt, counting the days until the next payday, and hoping to god that the check you wrote hasn't hit the bank yet. After a few weeks on the debt reduction trail it gets a little easier and hopefully you're not hiding from the creditors phone calls anymore.

Now is the time when it gets a bit more difficult, because it can be frustrating living on a really tight budget. Friends are going out, shopping, spending money without a care. You want to participate, but temptation is hard. I go through phases where I just want to throw the budget out the door and splurge. I want to go to that movie, have dinner out with friends, buy that cute shirt. Luckily, this frustration isn't a constant and I know if I can just ride it out, I'll be able to focus again. Budgets are like diets, if you are too strict, you are bound to splurge.

Now is the time to pull out that list of inexpensive entertainment options. Local attractions often have free days. Parks may sponsor plays or concerts. The local farmer's market is great for people watching and may also have a local chef giving a cooking lesson or band playing music. Try the library which is a great place for families and often host a story hour or craft time. Its also a great place to rent a movie for a lot less than your local movie rental store.

Today I received a reimbursement check from work for $38.64. That will go towards my emergency fund rather than debt reduction.

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