Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekly Review

Its a new year and a new start. This week's blog recommendations are a compilation of tips for the start of a great year to come, attaining aspirations, and planning for mishaps.

The Simple Dollar - The Little Things Do Matter Twelve Hacks That Add Up To A Lot In the spirit of keeping costs down, The Simple Dollar examines those little expenses that add up.

Wisebread - Farecast Your Flights For Big Savings As someone who loves to travel and travels each year to visit family, this post offers great suggestions for keeping costs down.

Mapgirl's Fiscal Challenge - Planning Your Exit From Work - Financial Side Don't miss the posting before it that also covers the non-financial side of leaving a job.

Iowa Hippie Chick - My Real Life Frugal Tips... Always great to get frugal ideas from fellow bloggers and Iowa Hippie Chick put together a great list.

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