Sunday, February 3, 2008

Weekly Review

The Simple Dollar - Should You Cancel Your Credit Cards Or Not
This has always been a question on my mind. Once you pay off a credit card, do you close it? Some say yes, but others say it will hurt your FICO score. The Simple Dollar weighs in.

Being Frugal - 75 Frugal Hacks For Your Home
This is a great post with 75 frugal ideas from cleaning, to DIY, to planning.

Zen Habits ~ Simple Productivity - The Minimalists Guide To Simple Housework
Anyone that can mediate while cleaning has peaked my curiousity.

Working For Financial Freedom - The Scoop On The Tax Rebate Checks
Are tax rebate checks really going to prevent a recession? Working For Financial Freedom answers all sorts of questions you may have about them.

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