Sunday, September 2, 2007

Blogging for Cents?

In my quest to become financially stable and free of debt, I have considered a number of different options for increasing my income. After all, that’s the next big step on the road to freedom. I’ve put together a pretty comprehensive budget, but I admit that it’s so tight I often have a problem living with it. But that’s another posting. I have house/pet sat for people since I was in college, which brings in a bit of extra money. I cut back on the number of people I work for because it became too tiring living at everyone’s house but my own and working a full time job. I had the energy when I was younger, but I find that I get cranky if I do it for too long without a break. I have cleaned houses, done yard work, painted, made things, participated in focus groups and research projects, ebay, and whatever else seemed like a good idea at the time. Recently I’ve been exploring the wonderful blog world to get new ideas and I must admit that a number of the postings that I’ve read make me nervous. The idea of providing personal information over the Internet seems risky. How do you protect your identity and participate in things like secret shopping? How do you post ads on your site that you may not believe in? Most importantly, how do you provide information albeit my opinion that does not steer someone else into problems?

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