Monday, September 3, 2007

The story begins...

No Credit Needed is challenging us to share our story as Day 6 of 33 days and 33 ways to save money and reduce debt. If this doesn't go against every grain of what I've been brought up to do I don't know what does. Money is as much of a taboo as politics and religion otherwise people wouldn't have the convenient curtain to hide their debt behind. I am selectively talkative. My family and friends know that I am concerned about my debt. The usual response from family is guilt for getting into debt. The next question is why am I not out of debt since I've been in this situation for what seems an eternity.

The trick with conquering debt like all other challenges is to build a support system; a group of people you can rely on to divert your attention, remind you why you are making the sacrifices, cheer you on when you accomplish a goal. It may be one or two close friends or it may be a blog community. To all of those support groups... Thank You!

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