Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Day 8 of the No Credit Needed 33 Days and 33 Ways to Save Money and Reduce Debt

Over on No Credit Needed's Blog, NCN challenges us to stop using credit cards as a way to Save Money and Reduce Debt. He mentions all of the wonderful results of not using credit cards like spending less than we make, not incurring more debt, and being able to make a dent in our debt load, but what about all of the other positives that no one thinks about?

For my response post today I plan to examine the benefits not everyone thinks of...
1. You can cut back on your chiropractic bills because you can carry a smaller and lighter purse/wallet.
2. With all of the extra space in your wallet, you can actually carry a current picture of your 18 year old child instead of the baby picture that you haven't been able to get out because it was permanently pressed into the plastic cover by all of the plastic wedged in behind it.
3. You will receive an honorary membership in The Audubon Society because you won't have to have a small forest chopped down to create the paper for your monthly bills.
4. You will have a smaller garbage bill for all of the space you will save from shredded statements.
5. You can speak to your spouse again rather than avoiding the subject of who spent what.
6. You won't have to pay for that extra P.O. Box for your monthly bills.
7. Paying monthly bills will cost you a few $.41 stamps rather than a few books of 20 stamps.
8. The postman will be highly regarded as the bearer of joyful tidings from friends and relatives rather than an evil spy from the cold war.

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