Saturday, September 8, 2007

Weekly Round Up

I'm glad to report that in my first week, I stuck to my goals.... mostly. My menu worked a treat and I will be repeating that experiment again next year. I ate out only once at lunchtime. I didn't have any days scheduled, but the office coordinated a welcome to the company lunch for a new employee. I did keep the cost to $7, which is well below the $12 meals I'm used to. Dinner was not so successful. I had dinner out twice this week and each meal averaged $15 with tip. That comes to 2 meals that I didn't schedule and $12 over budget. Its a vast improvement, but there is still room for improvement. Finally, I did not go to the little store on the corner for any munchies; no chips, no soda, no nothin'.

Here's to baby steps!

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