Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Is it Frugality or am I a Cheapskate?

Long before being eco-friendly was cool, my family has worked at being green. I am always looking for ways to reuse things that would otherwise be thrown away. The following are a few ideas of ways to reuse…

~ We get a lot of gift baskets at work during the holiday season. While everyone else is eyeing the basket, I get dibs on the seltzer. This is extremely useful when putting together my own gifts, it saves a lot of money, and it does not have the same stigma as re-gifting.

~ One serving yogurt containers are extremely wasteful. There is a tremendous amount of petroleum used in their production and they are almost as prolific as plastic water bottles. My solution is to use them for packing my lunch. Each container is the perfect serving size for salads, fruit, and tuna salad. Nobody tries to steal them out of the employee refrigerator either.

~ I reuse those cute little boutique bags with corded handles for my lunch. It is a much more stylish way to pack my lunch than buying brown paper bags. ~ Old t-shirts and linens always find new life as cleaning rags. It eliminates the need to buy paper towels. Kitchen towels also double as napkins quite nicely.

~ I always ask for a doggie bag when ever I go out for a meal so I can have two meals for the price of one or I split an appetizer with a friend and have a side salad. Who can eat everything a restaurant serves as a meal anyway?

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